Your name is my name!!

Isn’t it funny when you see people named as the same as you or someone really popular, actually none of those ever happened to me.
So I wouldn’t know but I know these are few funny ones.

“The Furer”
Name: Adolf Hittler
Status: Alive
Age: 61 years old
Location: Landeck, Austria
Job: Retired,former bus driverrrr…er..what? No my friends he is not the Furer, the former dictator of Germany, the nazi leader, the jew hater.
He is Adolf with two T’s in his Hittler. Unlike the German ruler who was named, Adolf Hitler. Like you would believe he did get teased a lot with this name.
Why didn’t he change his name, you ask? Adolf said he didn’t want to because he believed it would an insult to his parents. My salute to you Adolf Hittler.

“The God Offender”
A man in Marin county, California legally changed his name to Ubiquitous Perpetuity God. Currently God is in county jail for exposing indecent skin to women.
God committed several other crimes of the same type before. When asked why he did such, he responded with “so they take awareness of god”. When God’s sentence is ended, he will be admitted to a mental center.
I pray for his well being.

“Starting 11”
When Denise Mason gave birth to her son, the parents had problem naming him. Special the father, Clark Kearny, the father was a big time Glasglow Rangers soccer team fan.
It would normal to think he named the son after his favorite Ranger player…Too bad he didn’t have one favorite player…He had 11 favorite Ranger players, holy cr*p thats a complete team for a name.
Your wondering what the name was…the boy was named..Cairo Lionel Sergio Lorenzo Colin Giovanni Barry Ian Jorge Gabriel Stephane Rod Mason Kearney, lets just say his going to have a hard time trying to learn how to write that.