You will not believe your ears: The Ten Strangest Body Parts Listed on Insurance Policies

These days it seems that the worlds of celebrities have absolutely lost their minds. They can now list some outrageous body parts on an insurance policy. Some of them send the use of the word lunacy into the ozone. This is a grave example that people in the spotlight of different professions can and will make a mockery, of the insurance business, just to draw attention to them. It is funny to me, that they will do so by making they look both stupid and desperate. An everyday normal Joe, would not think of doing something like adding these strange body parts to an insurance policy. These crazy celebrities will insure such body parts as legs, hands, and features of the face, which they tend to, base their whole persona on. Can you even imagine, going in to get an insurance policy, and saying, I would like to insure my fingernails, because they are the reason that I can type so wonderfully. The average person would be ashamed, but not these brazen celebs. For them, putting strange body parts on their insurance policies are just par for the course. Many men today love to have facial hair that is positional trimmed and groomed.

However, celebrities that make their living by the way that they look will even insure their facial hair. How weird is that? You would also be shocked to know that some of the more innocent actresses can even insure their virginity. I have to wonder how that one would pay out. Can you imagine going back to the insurance company and trying to get paid out on that claim? Strange body parts listed on insurance policies have gotten so insane, that you can just about insure any part of your body these days, and people are taking advantage of that. The ten most interesting are as follows: mustaches, noses, taste buds, particular fingers. Fingernails, hands, teeth, tongue, knees, and even gaining weight. I know that actors and actresses, have a need to protect their lively hood, but this is a bit extreme. Pro athletes put themselves in harmful positions in every game, and practice. By listing strange body parts on insurance policies, they are attempting to get rich, if something were to go wrong in their chosen profession.

Normal people do not get that luxury in life. Why should they get to benefit from these outrageous policies? This list of strange body parts listed on insurance policies can be outrageously bizarre it can also be very entertaining to. Things that can be only executed by people of a different mind set make others shutter, in the knowledge that there are people out their that will do anything for a dollar. Fame and fortune can come with a lot of instability, and I guess that this might be their way of controlling their fortunes. This article will give you hours of entertainment value, and things to talk about with your friends. Have a good laugh at the expensive of some of the crazy things that these impressive people, come up with to do in their spare time.