You Have To Know How To Accept Rejection and Reject Acceptance

Rejection is like that aching tooth you know you have to get pulled but you dread the pain.  The aching tooth has no value to you.  It is the pain you are worried about.   As soon as it is all over you feel better and a new tooth is put in its place.  In time you forget you ever had the pain at all.  You have a new tooth and you are smiling again.

Rejection can be a problem if you are someone who ties it with your self worth.  If rejection means to you that you didn’t get what you wanted and that means you are unworthy, get over yourself.  It has nothing to do with your worth.  It just means it is not right for you.  Maybe it means that you are not ready and you need to work on something.  Rejection helps us weed out the old and bring in the new.  Don’t take it personal.

Rejection doesn’t have to be ugly either.  Have you seen those reality shows where someone who has to deal with rejection falls apart?  Boy it isn’t pretty.  We don’t have to fall apart or blame the other party.  This makes the rejection look like rejection.  Actually, it is the person, who feels rejected, way of pushing the rejection off them by making a show towards the rejecting party.  The rejected rejects the rejecting.  Creating a seen is also a bully tactic to get what they want.  Either way it is not pretty.

You can accept rejection with dignity then it turns into a learning experience.  Being able to accept rejection shows character, it shows you have some sense about you.  It leaves the door open for you.  It clears the path for what is right and good for you.

Don’t misunderstand rejection.  You also have the right to reject what is not right for you or something you are just not ready for.  If you are someone who will do anything to be accepted, you may be setting yourself up for big problems.

Acceptance belongs to you.  It is something you use to allow something in or out of your life.  You either accept or you don’t accept.  You don’t give others the power of what you accept.  Do you accept disrespect, belittlement, or abuse just to feel you belong?  If something doesn’t feel right, it is most likely not right.  Accepting something right feels right.  Only you can hold on to that.  Accepting something wrong feels wrong.  Only you can let go of that.

You can accept what is right for you.  You can accept responsibility for your decisions and follow through with right and just conduct.  No matter what the situation.  Accepting is something you do for yourself.  It was never meant to be used towards other people.  People are supposed to just let people be.  Be as in being.  Acceptance is used to choose between right or wrong, or what is good or bad.  The choice is yours. Rejection is your tool.  Acceptance is your power.  Don’t give them away.

3 thoughts on “You Have To Know How To Accept Rejection and Reject Acceptance”

  1. Good post. Some of the realization of the power of gracefully accepting rejection comes with maturity and age. We all have to find our way and fight through those horrible feelings when being rejected, but we usually come out as better people on the other side.

  2. If you have confidance on your self , it does not matter if others reject or accept you.You will do what you feel right. Automatically most of the time others will accept you.

  3. Thank you for you post. I’ve had lots of rejection this past year. Lots of job interviews but no job. Still I
    find it easier to deal with a rejection in the career world rather than by a person. In the career world there’s
    lots of outstanding people competing and employers often choose the candidate best fit for the position.
    (Especially in these tough economic times). However when we get a rejection from a person it’s more
    personal and there’s more sensitivity involved.
    I handled my rejection with dignity and grace. Rejection has helped me become a stronger person. It
    hurts in the beginning but eventually the pain of the rejection goes away. One just has to be strong.
    Sooner or later something wonderful or someone wonderful will come along.

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