You Be The Judge! The Story about Essiac

The story has been told about a Ontario woman who many years ago was diagnosed with a debilitating and life threatening cancer at the age of 58. Weighing in at 75 pounds she finally found out the answer to her lack of appetite and unrelenting pain. The big “C”.

After waking up from surgery to hear a nurse tell her that she didn’t have long to live, this woman returned home to Huntsville with the instructions to return for a follow up visit if she survived that long.

Her husband a burly truck driver was not one to give in easily. He had heard of a Indian cure that a nurse in their area had been having great success with in respect to cancer victims. This medicine was called Essiac, and here is the story of it.

-It is named Essiac, which is the name of the nurse that had the formula. her name was Rene Caisse.

-she proported to have written down the native indian formula in 1922.

-Rene never claimed to have the cure for cancer, but she did claim it would help with the pain.

-she retrieved the formula from a Englishwoman that was elderly and in her care. This woman claimed that she had had breast cancer and couldn’t afford treatment and as an alternative she went to a Ojibwa medicine man who gave her the formula. The woman apparently stayed on it the rest of her life cancer free.

-Ms. Caisse treated her aunt who was diagnosed with stomach cancer and given six months to live. After taking the tonic this Aunt lived another 21 years.

-This Aunts Doctor was so impressed he encouraged her to use it on other Doctor’s patients with outstanding results

-9 Doctors petitioned the Dept. of Health and Welfare to do tests on it. They stated they believed it did no harm, relieved pain, reduced the size of the cancer and prolonged life.
-Health and welfare declined and were going to charge Ms. Caisse for treating patients.

-Dr. Fredrick Banting the discoverer of Insulin wanted to work with her but test it on mice first, she refused saying people came first.

-A 55,000 signed petition forced the Ontario Government in a Royal Commission of her work.

-The Commission would only listen to 49 of the 387 people who turned up to testify about the positive aspects of the formula. They only would listen to 4 of these 49 saying the rest had no proof. The Commission would not endorse Essiac.

-The stress became too much for her so she pursued it no more.

-The past physician to John Kennedy ran tests on the formula and found it had some benefits after treating mice with it. In fact he used it himself when he was diagnosed with cancer.

The story continues and there’s a lots more to it. But that’s for another article. Ask yourself this question though…if a large pharmaceutical company were to make the same petitions would they be heard by the government??? After all we all know there is big money in medicine isn’t there.

Oh by the way, the truck driver’s wife that was dieing with cancer? Her husband got the Essiac for her. As of 2003, at the age of 83 she was still the life of the party at her new residence in the local nursing home.

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