World’s Hairiest Family

You have heard of Werewolf? I bet you have, everyone knows the word and it became popular with the ever so popular movie X-Men, my point is not that, believe it or not these pictures are real and there is actually a clan in Mexico called The Ramos Gomez Clan and they are exactly like the pictures above. Now mind you they are not Werewolves but the clan is suffering from Hypertrichosis or in layman’s term “werewolf syndrome” which causes thick hair to grow over the entire body. 95% of the body covered by hair.

According to Guinness World Book of Records, this Mexican clan is the hairiest  family in the world. In fact two of the family member are very well known around the world as they travel everywhere to perform their shows. They are known as Brothers Larry and Danny Ramos Gomez, according to what I read at IMDB they are also known as the WOLF BROTHERS. You can read a short article at IMDB on these two brothers.

Short article Link

Before I end this post, I just wanna say DON’T LET YOUR LOOKS STOP YOU FROM BEING FAMOUS, EVEN THE UGLIEST CAN BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MOST FAMOUS. Larry and Danny are good examples of real life.

Never give up in your life and seek what you dream.

37 thoughts on “World’s Hairiest Family”

  1. Yes yes this is real, if you guys ever watched x files then there was a talk of them being hired for an episode but they rejected.

    real werewolves tbh

  2. what in god’s creation?
    Darwin where are you? come back to live catch these guys and make your new theory.

  3. Amigo I have heard about them being a mexican you get to see hot girls at beach and weird people at jungles..

  4. Would you mind if i put your story on my blog I will link back to you Please email to my email..

  5. Very well said at the end, once look should not stop them from being what they want to be.

    back to the post, i have seen them on tv and yes this is real stuff people, scary but true.

  6. Im amazed.Don’t lisen to other bad comments you have a very special talent god made you special:).

  7. oh wow i would love to be the hairest men alive because i wouldnt care what people thought about me i would thank god for making me so special and uniquie and out of the ordinary!all i can say to yall is that are blessed by god and should be proud of what you have been given

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