World War 3 is Absolutely Coming According to Nostradamus

During the 16th century, a French soothsayer, astrologer and physician named Nostradamus, predicted the past 2 World Wars, the coming of the Antichrist and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Nostradamus included World War 3 in his predictions citing the year that ends with seven as the beginning of doomsday.

Nostradamus was a renowned physician and an astrologer who was born in 1503 at St. Remi, France. As a physician, Nostradamus used new methods to treat patients who were afflicted with bubonic plague. He was able to cure people who were extremely ill through which he was recognized as a gifted healer.

He had shown deep interest in pagan ways of divination and astronomy by studying the art of magic from ancient texts of Egyptian and Alexandrian magic. With the knowledge he acquired from these sources, he became a well-known soothsayer and started making predictions of the future.

His prophecies were in the form of short poems and each poem comprised of four lines called quatrain. The experts who interpreted his predictions in his book titled Centuries stated that Nostradamus had predicted accurately the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the rise of Hitler’s power in Germany, the French Revolution and many other important events.

Nostradamus had foreseen and predicted World War 3 in his quatrains from the Century 2. The scholars of Nostradamus interpreted these quatrains through the incidents and events related to the current century. They interpreted the word “Mabus” which Nostradamus used in one of his quatrains, as President Bush who would be assassinated before his term expired.

He also predicted that a comet would likely cross the skies in the next few years. This prediction came true when a comet named Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann3 became near the earth and close to the sun on June 6, 2006. The comet was seen when Hitler rose to power in 1930.

Many incidents have already taken place related to quatrains on Nostradamus’ prediction about World War 3 in which he mentioned some disasters that are bound to happen between the 20th and 21st century that are signs of the imminent war.
The attack on the World Trade Center in New York was indicated on the quatrains as well as the holy war that would be waged by the anti-Christ. The use of nuclear weapons in World War 3 was specifically pinpointed in his prediction as the instrument of world destruction.

After the war, it was clearly revealed that peace would be regained
And a new world will rise. Numerologists are now trying to discover which last digit 7 Nostradamus was referring to in his prediction since the year 2007 has passed. Could it be 2070 then, or just a myth?

Though there may have been lapses in Nostradamus’ predictions, the one pertaining to World War 3 may eventually exist. Many probabilities may lead to occurrence of this prediction since the world is now ruled by greed of power, hatred, jealousy, extreme poverty and greediness. Nostradamus’ prediction on this should be more interpreted as a stern warning to control rather than just ignore it.