Words created by Shakespeare

William Shakespeare completely changed a language by himself. This feat is even bigger when you learn that he created many words in it. These are not random words that no one will ever use but words that are often said and used. He is often considered the best writer or at least the great person to ever use the English language. Here are a few words that William created.

Frugal, yes this beautiful word is created by Shakespeare himself, first used during his play The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Drug, yes it was already a word before but he changed into a verb, as in drugging someone. He also gave it a negative connation. This one was first used in the famous play Macbeth.

Undress, the word dress was already in existence, Shakespeare just added the un in front. Sometimes creating a word is that simple. The Taming of the Shrew was the play it was first used in.

Eyeball, the words eye and ball were already created and Shakespeare decided to put them together. Which makes sense becomes the eye is a sphere much like a ball.

Bedroom, Shakespeare invented this word again by concatenating two words together “bed” and “room”.

Those are few words Shakespeare invented with his plays and books but there are many more.