Why there is no Vodka drinking contest? When there is all other drinking contests?

I am sure most of you know that there is Beer Drinking Competition but have you ever heard of some Vodka drinking competition? Even though Russians love drinking Vodka and not only do they love drinking Vodka actually an individual consumes about 15L of Vodka a year. Being a cold country, one would say what else they can do? And I agree on that part, but the actual question remains answered why there is no Vodka drinking competition? Well here why?

A bar in Russian town of Volgodonsk actually decided to hold a Vodka drinking competiting in 2003. Why in Russia? Well as I said Russians are famous for their Vodka consumption. The winner was to get a prize which is not known to anyone to this date some say the the prize was more Vodka for the rest of the year. The competition started and the winner actually consumed 1.5 liters of Vodka in under 35-40 minutes, which is around 50+ shots. Just when the Winner was going to get awarded he passed away. The impact of shots actually stopped his heart beat. After what had happened all the runner ups were taken full care of and no single person died. What is even more funny is that according to news some of the contestants actually showed up at the bar the next day.

Now you know why there is no Vodka drinking competition.

Next time you are drinking Vodka make sure you don’t drink too much and make sure you tell your friends and family about the story.

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  1. Vodka isn’t even close to being the strongest. Vodka’s percentage is something like 35-40%. And, just to give you one of the many examples, absinth is around 80%

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