Why the Obsession with Video Games

I am particularly interested because I have a teenage son and a husband who are obsessed with video gaming in this topic. They are not sociopaths and ready to act out what they are playing. They are in fact dealing with their anxieties through gaming. However, when they start to recoil from society you may have a problem. I am constantly telling my son to do something else, but to no avail. Gaming can very easily turn from an interest to an obsession. If you see signs of homework not being done, grades falling or inactivity with friends, you should cut down the game playing time. If your teens become short tempered that is another sign of too much gaming.

Not just teens can become addicted. My husband also plays these games for hours excluding everything else. I am constantly being told to move out of the way of the screen. That drives me crazy! Then of course talking to him is a waste of time because he is paying absolutely no attention to anything but the game. It is hard for non-gamers to understand the whole gaming obsession. However, they are more interactive and allow you to do things that you may not ever do otherwise. In addition, video games can be played by both genders. There are many women gamers. Games are better written and have better graphics then ever.

Many players are foregoing movies and other forms of entertainment to be able to interact with other characters. All you have to do is press play and you are in the game. In real life, it takes time and effort to set up a hockey game, football game or soccer game. In addition, games are usually goal oriented which encourages players to achieve those goals that could help them in real life. This is why they become so addictive. There are supposedly benefits to playing including hand-eye co-ordination, improving eyesight, improve self-esteem and mental stimulation. They also foster social interaction and can be a way to learn.

I would be more inclined to let my men play if that was the case. However, the games tend to be gory and violent most of the time. Either that or the shooter games seem to be popular. I am not a fan of all that killing. I know that it is just a game and that it is not reality. However, as a mother I am still concerned. It has been described as a social handicap. It is actually harder to change over time. Is gaming something that acts on the brain like other addictions? Is that why it is so hard to shake it? Another study indicates that men have a harder time putting down the controller. Men have more activity in the reward and addiction parts of the brain.

Well that explains it. I knew men’s brains were different but I did not understand that it had a link to video gaming.  So I hope this article helps you to better understand why men are so obsessed with video games and that you should monitor their behavior and time spent on the games to avoid any long-term problems. It is not their fault. Their brains are wired differently.