Why something easy is called a piece of cake?

I love those cakes don’t you. They taste so good specially the ones with strawberry on them. Lets get from the taste to a puzzling question? Whenever we find something too easy to do, we say “piece of cake” or when you ask a friend how was your job like easy? He goes “piece of cake” popular expression used almost everywhere not just in the North America. I have seen it used in India and some Aussies use it as well. But why do we say that? Where it came from?

The expression comes from the works of Ogden Nash, where he used the word “piece of cake in one of his poems. But that did not actually gave rise to the the expression. It became popular when in World War British Pilots started using it. Basically they described an easy target as “piece of cake”  because it was so easy to destroy the object Pilots kept using it and as time went on the expression moved into our everyday English.

Thus it comes from Great Britain.