Why Low Carb is Better than No Carb

Carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation the past few years. To hear Dr. Atkins speak, you would think we should all eat nothing but meat, and eschew carbs entirely forever. Unfortunately, this is taking things a bit too far. Going all out on any kind of diet leads to bad things, and moderation is needed no matter what you do. So while it’s great to go with low carbs, you do need carbs. The following are some reasons why.

Keeping Your Muscles Healthy

Your muscle mass is nothing more than a collection of proteins that your body uses for two things: moving around and as an emergency source of energy. If you do not eat carbs, your body will assume that you are starving. Since muscles use calories, it makes sense to make them smaller if you aren’t getting enough already. So you need carbs to make sure your muscles aren’t cannibalized by your body.

Carbs Provide Energy

Without sugars, your cells will die. Your body turns carbs into sugars, which allows you to do all the things you want and need to do. If you don’t get carbs, you won’t be able to do anything for very long and you’ll soon begin to feel as sluggish as slow moving niobrara oil – not a good way to live.

Carbs Support Proper Bowel Movement

A lot of people never think about this, but fiber is a type of carbohydrate. Since your body can’t break down fiber, it simply moves through your system. Like a broom, it sweeps out things that aren’t good for you, and this is extremely healthy. So you need to eat carbs, if only to get your fiber.

Breaking Down Fats and Proteins

Fats and proteins are difficult to break down, so your body has to work harder for this process. Without carbs, your body will not have enough energy to power the process of breaking down proteins and fats.

So your body won’t be able to access the massive amounts of energy you’ll have taken in, and all the food you’ve eaten will go to waste while you starve. The process won’t be quick, but it will eventually happen.

Carbs are a vital part of staying alive and doing everything else you need to do, including digesting and drawing nutrients from the fats and proteins you eat. Without carbs, you will starve, and your body will not function well at all. So ignore the people who say carbs are evil, and simply eat smaller amounts of carbs instead of forsaking them altogether.