Why Is There So Much Gold, If it is rare?

Many people ask themselves this question, if gold is supposedly so rare why is there so much in circulation. Well actually gold is one of the most rare objects in the world. Less than 200,000 tonnes have been mined in the entire history of the human race. So basically if we took all the gold ever mined in our history, clumped it all together, it would only fit a tennis field. But you wouldn’t believe that with all the huge quantity of gold around the world, would you? It’s because gold is actually  a lot malleable, a bar of gold around the same dimensions as of a matchbox can be flattened so much to cover an entire tennis field. One tiny ounce of gold can be stretched into a wire that could go about fifty miles long.

That is why people say, a little gold goes a long way. If you give someone some gold it can be really beneficially if you want something in return.