Why is there braile on a drive thru ATM?

How many times have you drove up to the ATM at the bank and wondered, “Now why on Earth would they put Braille on a DRIVE THRU automatic teller machine?” Honestly, are they encouraging the blind people to drive? I see plenty of people who are fortunate enough not to be blind that could not drive by the law if it were to save their lives. Do we really want the blind people to drive too? Or maybe there are people out there who have absolutely nothing better to do than take up time by using the Braille to get money out of the bank. Who knows right?

Well, actually there is a reason that the drive thru ATM’s have Braille on them. Automatic Teller Machines are mass produced so they only make one mold for all ATM’s. That means the ones that you walk up to and the ones that you have to drive up to. I mean think about it this way; if you need to stamp your signature on a lot of papers do you buy one stamp with your first name and another stamp with your last name? No, that takes to much time and spends money that does not need to be spent. It is the same idea with the Automatic Teller Machine companies, they buy one stamp that happens to have Braille on it and use it for all ATM’s. It is cost efficient and time efficient, so what if the Braille does not get used on the ATM’s that in a drive thru.

Another reason is from a legal standpoint. It cuts out the blind’s equal rights to use that Automatic Teller Machine, just because it is in a drive thru. If they really wanted to they could walk up to the ATM in a drive thru and use it. Whether they happen to know the way to it, they have a Seeing Eye Animal or they are legally blind but not totally bind, it cuts away their right to use that ATM if there were not Braille printed on it. So to keep from being sued the ATM companies’ produce all ATM’s with Braille, and the banks put an ATM with Braille on it in their drive thru.

Either way it is to save someone’s rear end. The ATM companies do not want to be sued by a blind person, and they do not want to spend twice the amount of money they have to produce one product with Braille and one product without. And the bank’s just don’t want to be sued for squashing someone’s equal rights.

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