Why is the Montreal Hockey team called “The Habs”?

The club is in the only French province of Canada, Quebec, in a time where the province was often despised by the others, the club owners decided to dedicate the club to the Quebecois people. Habs is an abbreviation for the french word “Habitants”, so The Habs basically translates into “Les Habitants“. It’s english equivalent would mean something like “those who live here“. The C.H in their jersey stands for “Club de Hockey Canadien”. The Canadians these days are a shadow of their former selves, they did win the first Stanley Cup before the NHL was actually formed… I say they’re a shadow of their selves because they have been eliminated in the first round of the play offs for the last 11 years consecutively.

Did you know that when the club was founded only french speaking players were allowed to play for the team. Later though with politically changes in the province and the country, players from all over the world were allowed into the team. This can be seen with large amount of Americans,  Belorussians and Russians.