Why is showy person called a “Snob”?

The story to the word is quite short and simple. But nonetheless an interesting little anecdote to tell anyone who is snoby. Don’t act snoby, people often say that to kids but there are some adults with a snob like attitude out there. These pretentious little people are called just snobs. But what does this word mean, it doesn’t seem to have any roots, of course it doesn’t because it’s just an abbreviation.

So here is how the story goes, it has something to with schools. Universities were only open for nobles or highly acclaimed people or someone with power backing them. But in the 17th century, the Cambridge university was opened for non nobles, commoner folks like us. When they registered they did so in Latin. They registered as Sine Nobilitate, which literally translates to Not Noble. The abbreviation for it was, S.Nob take the dot and it becomes snob.  So anyone who reclaims respect and wealth he doesn’t deserve is called a snob for that reason.