Why is it bad to open an umbrella indoors?

The umbrella, we all have used it probably sometime in our life. Whether it’s to protect us from sunlight, rain or some other bothersome object. But whenever you take it out, you must have heard that it’s not a good thing to open it inside and that you should wait till you’re outside. Where does this superstition of opening your umbrella outside come from? The umbrella is an old african invention, so the superstition rightfully comes from Africa. The use of the umbrellas changed, Africans used to protect themselves from Sunlight but upon entering Europe, through Spain in the 12 century, the use changed to protect one from rain. The superstition started in Africa, people believed if you opened the umbrella inside the sun god would feel insulted and harm the people.

Some facts point that the umbrella or the parasol was first invented in the middle east like many other things in the ancient times. If you go around the world you notice all kinds of different cloths for every culture and for that matter, different umbrellas.