Why Is Exercise Important

We all know we are supposed to exercise but we make excuses not to do it.  However, why is exercise so important? Well exercising helps prevent diseases. It reduces the risk for heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. It can even improve your stamina and delay the aging process. That is good news for us women. We never want to age! Exercising makes, your heart and lungs work better so that daily activities become easier. Things like carrying those heavy groceries, playing with your kids and more. Not to mention regular exercise makes you feel better about yourself. I used to exercise everyday and I did indeed feel good and had more energy. There are three types of exercise Aerobic, Anaerobic, Stretching.

You do not have to do anything too strenuous at first. Take a walk; use the stairs instead of the escalator. Even these small steps can make a big difference. If you are trying to lose weight start small and make sure you eat a well balanced diet. Try cooking at home instead of those fat filled take out dinners. Exercise can also benefit your sleep patterns and make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Also making sure you drink plenty of water can actually help you lose weight. I know from experience that this works. I drink a lot of water and a few years ago, it helped me to feel full and lose weight faster. Make sure to drink plenty of water when exercising to avoid dehydration.

Everyone should exercise including children, adults and the elderly. Children need to exercise to grow and develop strong bones. Far too many children are obese. As well, there are adults who are obese.  This can lead to horrible health conditions. People need to realize that exercise is the fastest way to lose that weight. You should do some form of exercise a few times a week. Just do whatever you like, swimming, running, walking etc. It will make your body stronger, fitter and more flexible. Just remember to warm up with stretching exercises and then have a cooling down period the same way. Otherwise, you could end up with an injury. No one wants an injury when you are exercising.

Exercise also removes toxins and waste from the body. Without exercise they are stored as fat in the body. That is where water comes in to help flush these toxins from your body. In fact, for optimal health you should be expelling waste a few times a day. However, how many of us actually go to the washroom that often? No wonder we have problems! In this world of immediate satisfaction, we are told to reward ourselves with food. This is the wrong message for some people who are battling weight issues. We all need to get up from our seats, stretch, and move and buy something other then those sweet treats!  Wouldn’t you rather be muscle toned, slim, and fit into those jeans then overweight and tired and flabby and have nothing to wear?

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