Why is destroying others property called “Vandalism”?

Everybody has vandalized something in their childhood, teen years. Everyone goes through that weird phases, where you just want to destroy something that belongs to the society, destroying bus seats, making grafities in metro tunnels. Look we’ve all been there but what does Vandalism, more precisely, where does it come from..

A vandal is the art of mindless destruction of others property, not yours we could careless if you destroyed your own stuff. It all started in the 5th and 6th century, The Vandals were a Germanic race of warriors. They started to expand their territory from the south of the Baltics. When they ravaged Rome, one of the most infamous things they did was desecrate their religious symbols, monuments and many other cultural attacks of that kind. Since many cultures had some relation with the Romans they took the word Vandalism from the Vandals who sacked Rome.

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