Why is cooking outside called a “Barbeque”?

Everybody loves BBQs, specially in summer, out in the lake behind your parents house making some really great barbeque for all of the family.. If you haven’t noticed yet the word doesn’t look anything like an English word or one with an Anglo-Saxon background. Well it’s simply because it comes from the Native Americans, when the Spanish visited an island on the Caribbean, the Arawak people showed them the barbacoa, which was a structure they used to sleep on and cook large animals on. The Spanish borrowed the word for whenever they used to cook whole large animals over a fire. The word spread out and the English called it barbecue too, but a c instead of the Q.

Did you know the first people that Christopher Columbus found out in the New Worlds which he thought was India, were the Arawaks. The Spanish said they were a primitive civilization but also peaceful and not a warrior race.