Why Is an underdog win called an “Upset”?

The word upset means to have an emotion of sadness or being tipped over. It had no relations with sports until august 13, 1919, when, only in his seventh race, he had become synonymous with glory for being able to defeat all the great horses of his time, his name was Man’O’ War. He was the Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Pele, of his competition. He is still considered the greatest race horse of all time. But one day it lost to an unknown horse, whose name was Upset. Since that day, when an unknown has won against a known one in sports, it’s called an upset.

But Man’O War still became the greatest horse ever. It had 20 wins and only 1 lose. He retired at 3 years old, he lived up to thirty, and became the greatest sires in the history of horse racing.

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