Why is an abduction called an kidnapping?

The word appeared first in the 17th century, around the 1666s and referred to the criminal practice that is used to entice children or young ones to come with them with promises but only to be sold out to the sea. Where they would suffer horrendous fates, most often forced to do labor work on a boat or became servants. Kid is the word that is related to Child and nap is related to nab which also is related to seize and steal. But now a days the word is used for abduction for ransom towards adults and kids.

Did you know a very weird phenomenon is happening in Kyrgyzstan where bride’s are getting “kidnapped” but are willing to marry their abductor who is normally their lover and this happens because their parents won’t let them marry their lover. This is phenomenon happens in lots of Latin countries like Columbia where rebels kidnap women and the women fall in love with them and never want to go back.