Why is a street criminal called a “thug”?

The streets are sometimes a dangerous place, they can hold people who want to take your wallet or just mug you. If you meet any of those people you would instantly call them Thugs, but what does this word actually mean and where does it come from? It comes from a place far away, where it is used for another meaning. When the British arrived in India, they encountered a group of criminals, more of a sect, which would kill people for the Hindu Godess of Death. They were known as thags in Hindu. They would strangle innocent people with silk scarfs. Indian authorities weren’t able to capture them or stop them, so the British did the killing part, in which history shows they are pretty good at, for them. The British killed hundreds, by hanging them and imprisoned thousand others of these thags. The news made it to America, a press picked up the story but apparently the worded changed from thags to thugs.

Since then the word has stuck to call hoods, gangster, street criminals and just any kind of general delinquent.