Why is a shopping infrastucture called a “mall”?

Shopping centers are like mushrooms these days, popping up everywhere. From the big city mall to the small town mall, these commercial centers are everywhere in this modern day.  Shopping centers started to become popular around the 1950s but weren’t called malls. Mall is a word that came from the Italian game Palamaglio, which means ball and mallet game. When the word came into english it was just called pall-mall(pronounced pell-mell). The game was invented in the 16th century but around 18th century the word was forgotten in England. Though there was a street named after it, where wealthy people would go shopping. The street’s name was Mall, so that is how shopping centers got their name, from a fancy avenue in London.

The name of the modern malls we have now, was strip malls in 1920, even though they aren’t exactly what he have now, the idea was pretty much the same.