Why is a sausage on a bun called a”hot dog”?

The sausage has been around for years but recently it has become very popular, thanks to it’s easy to eat, easy to make formula. It has a deep history, the sausage, it started out in Babylon one of the oldest human cities ever known. The other historical counterparts are the frankfurter, which a German butcher made in the shape of his pet dachshund, the Viennese wiener was another one. The Dachshund sausage is very similar to the current day one and that is why when it came to the States, it became an instant hit.  It became popular in 1904, in 1906, cartoonist Ted Dorgan couldn’t spell Dachshund, he had made a painting of it, he made a comical reference to how the butcher named it after his dog. He made a dog inside a bun covered in mustard, so he just called it a hot dog. And apparently the rest of the population found it hard to pronounce too, so everyone was happy with the name Ted’s ignorance spurred Hot Dog..