Why is a rocket launch count down backwards?

Title says it, many times we will see videos about the launching of a rocket into space. Most often we will hear the countdown part which leads to the ejection. The actual countdown truly startsĀ  43 hours before the launching. That’s why they call the countdown T-43, T said to be meaning Time. The countdown was actually taken from a movie, normally the movie’s take from reality and implant it into a film but this time the reverse was true. It was introduced by German film director Fritz Lang in his movie By Rocket To Moon, the movie was released in 1928 but the countdown was copied by scientists way later. Lang introduced the method in his movie to increase the suspense, it would go like this 5-4-3-2-1 instead of the opposite.

Did you know Fritz Lang was one of the greatest directors of his time, he was called the “master of darkness”, many only consider the great Hitchcock better than him. He left Germany in 1934 but his wife who had started to have a nice relation with the Nazi Party stayed in Germany. The two got divorced later on.