Why is a black cat crossing your path “bad luck”?

If you believe in such superstitions you actually believe in witchcraft. For those who haven’t heard the superstition, it goes like this, if a black cat crosses your path it gives you bad luck. And if it’s done in a Friday the 13 it can give you even worse luck. The legend came to be in 1560s, in England, a father and son threw stones at a black cat who scared them in the night. The cat ran limping away inside a suspected witch’s house. The next day the suspected women was all bruised up and limping. So people actually started to believe that cats were witches and started to burn all suspected witches. Executions of innocent women continued till the 17th century.

From 1400s to the 1700s are 400,000 innocent women were murdered, executed because of this mass hysteria.

2 thoughts on “Why is a black cat crossing your path “bad luck”?”

  1. Funny, i was walking with some friends last week and we saw a black cat on someones lawn and trying to determine how it crossing our paths and us crossing its path might just be the same thing and we’ll get back luck. I know its sill superstition but for some reason that small myth talk to us when we were kids still lurks.

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