Why is a big cup called a “mug”?

Mugs are cups which are used to drink large amount of liquids and is most commonly used to drink coffee, although it’s not unknown to be used by beer drinkers. “A mug” is also said to be a picture of a prisoner or just a person’s head. Mugs have existed since the time of the old Chinese nation, around 2000 BC, but other civilizations have used it too. In 18th century, drinking vessels were called mugs because they were shaped into people’s heads, like famous pirate’s heads or famous authorities from the town. Now these cups are called “Toby Jugs” and cups with faces or random designs are known as “Mugs”.

Beer is not often drank in mugs because Mugs are usually used by people who drink hot liquids like coffee and tea etc… Ancient mugs were made out of anything, bones, sand and many other raw materials.