Why does one need to stop when it is basically a drive-through


Why does one need to stop when it is basically a “drive-through”?

Questions such as these mostly thrown by the wind are the ones the sometimes makes our forehead and eyebrows crumple and meet a little bit.  These are considered senseless questions but if we are to look more closely or analyze its very context….Its really beginning to make sense at all!

Theoretically, a “drive-through” or a “drive thru” is a modern way of servicing and reaching people without ever having to leave their vehicles.  This idea was formulated and idealized in the United States as early as the 1940s.  People are made to purchase certain goods, acquire and get their various needs without leaving their cars.  The idea is now being applied mostly on fast food chains and restaurants, banks and other consumer-related establishments.  There is actually even special “drive-through” chapels located in Las Vegas where you can be married while sitting there inside in your car!

Contrary to the question of one having to stop at a “drive-through” or “drive-thru”, it is really a necessity for one to stop since there can be no possible way of placing, paying and getting your orders or having the bank teller know the nature of your transaction if your in a mobile transport vehicle.  The idea of this simply is just to spare the people or customers from the hazards of parking their vehicles, getting out of the car, walking towards the establishment, queuing and waiting for your turn, when you can do all those without leaving and parking your car at all.  It’s more of like “driving through” the possible worries and hassles that one may encounter.

Of course there are times that your car must wait in line for your turn just everybody else enough reason for you to obviously stop every now and then.  The ones who idealized these must have thought of one going through the normal cycle by “driving through” or “driving thru” it.