Why Does Being Turned Down Mean Being Rejected?

I hope everybody has heard this proverb, atleast once if you live in an english speaking country other than India because they don’t really speaking English or do they? If have never heard this term or are foreigner here is what it means… It means being rejected by someone your making advances at. Everybody knows what it means but nobody knows why use this word when it’s figurative sense means something completely else.

The term has a more ancient origin than you might¬† imagine, when a couple would go have a dinner or a fancy date of some sorts. These dates required chaperons so the romance wouldn’t get to hardcore before marriage or anything serious. When things started to get deep or intentions were to be made, the chaperon would put a mirror face up on the table. If the girl liked the boy she wouldn’t touch the mirror.¬† If the girl didn’t like the advances the boy made she would turn the mirror down and the boy.