Why do women put on Beauty Marks?

The beauty marks are very attractive on someĀ  women but who and why did someone got the idea to put fake black dots in their face? It’s first motive was certainly not about looks but something rather more serious. In the 17th century, when it’s use was at an all time high, it coincided with the smallpox epidemic. Many proofs have now been arose that it was to actually cover up the smallpox which would scare people from you. But the epidemic eventually subsided but people still used it, women used it for attracting possible suitors. The placement of the mark had different meanings, one near the mouth meant the women was ready to flirt, one on the right cheek meant she was married, one on the left cheek meant she was engaged or had a fiancee. While the mark near the right eye was the one most looked out by men because of it’s controversial meaning, it meant “Let’s do it”.