Why Do We See Stars When We Bump Our Heads?

While you do not actually have stars circling your head, you do get dazed after bumping your head. Have you ever wondered what causes this weird phenomenon? It happens do to a lack of blood to the head and thus a lack of oxygen. This happens when you stand up too quickly. It happens to my husband all the time. I sometimes get worried because it happens so often. He stands there swaying back and forth shaking his head. I always think he is going to topple over. I guess he is trying to clear the stars! It could happen from lack of sleep, hunger, hangover or infection. Any kind of physical trauma can also cause stars. Not seeing stars could mean too much blood to the brain.

We are used to seeing this in the funny cartoon characters on Sunday morning shows we are all used to watching. Seeing stars is actually a slight hallucination. It is actually neurons in your visual cortex misfiring. It is your optic eye nerve sending messages to your brain. It travels from all parts of the eye to your brain. Of course seeing lights could be associated with other things like migraine headaches. The lights usually occur just before the headache hits. The lights are in both eyes. Lights can be caused by pulling on the retina. This can be associated with floaters and is usually in one eye. Anyone with these issues should visit an ophthalmologist and get a proper eye examination.

Flashing lights can also occur if anyone is exercising or exerting him or herself. The blood is pushed away from the certain parts of the brain and eye. In this case, the individual experiencing the disturbance should quickly stop exercising and see if the stars subside. In addition, people over 50 could have symptoms. They could be experiencing something called PVD. This happens when the vitreous shrinks and detaches from the retina. This could eventually lead to blindness. Therefore, if you think there is a problem with your eyes see your family doctor. Remember that your eyes are very important.

Seeing stars is a normal reaction of your body trying to catch up to trauma you have experienced but if it happens too much then there could be an underlying health issue. Take care of yourself and your eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do We See Stars When We Bump Our Heads?”

  1. Hi. I’ve been in several motorvehicle and major trauma accidents. No direct blow to head, but seriously jarred. I’m 43.
    My near vision is becoming more blurred.
    I see mercury dots in my peripheral field of view on a daily basis.
    I smoke. I’m active.
    I have serious pain throughout my body.
    My scalp is always very tender and sore.
    It hurts to wear glasses, hats, or bandanas.
    Even loose fitting, I develop headaches(inner) and scalp soreness. The scalp soreness feels as if I suffered a blow and it’s bruised badly, even though it wasn’t.
    Eye exam in 2008 was normal. Normal aging. Normal pressure. Recommended reading glasses.
    2008 Brain scan mri was normal. Can these be always read acurately?
    Should someone else review them?
    Can something be hidden?
    Can spinal trauma trigger seeing mercury dots, or stars?

    Thank You.

  2. When our head bump into something, do our blood supply to the brain would be reduced? I don’t think so. May be there are other things which cause to see stars.

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