Why do we say Money doesn’t grow on trees?

“Mom! Can I have some money, please?” “No way, you know money does NOT grow on trees!” Now I am pretty sure that just about everyone has been there and heard that. But I just don’t get it, why do they say money doesn’t grow on trees when actually it is made of paper which is made from trees. So really doesn’t money grow on trees?

I mean they harvest all the forests around and chop down every tree to make paper out of it, right? And then they take that paper to the money press, and yeah they add a few things like green color dye, and some denim to make the bills sturdier and long lasting. But, those dollar bills you carry around in your pocket did originally start as a tree.

Now this definitely does not mean that next time you ask for money and your parents tell you no because it does not grow on trees that you should reply like a smart alec and tell them, “yeah, but it starts from trees.” That will probably get you know money and some extra punishment. Just keep in your mind that for once, you know, your parents are at least partially wrong.

I guess literally there is not a money tree out there that just sprouts off twenty dollar bills or even one that grows one dollar bills. But from a technical stand point, like I said, paper is a major ingredient in a bill of any amount. Just because they add green color dye to make it look like money, and denim, yes just like the denim your pants are made of, to make it able to withstand more wear and tear does not mean that it didn’t come from a tree to start with.

4 thoughts on “Why do we say Money doesn’t grow on trees?”

  1. “That will probably get you know money and some extra punishment.”
    I think you mean “That will probably get you *no* money and some extra punishment.”

  2. Well, money is not actually made from trees. “Paper” money is made mostly of cotton and linen. Its close to a 75/25 construction, not including some red and blue synthetic fibers.

  3. Your post has a few imperfections grammar wise but it is actually readable meaning you don’t have to strain to understand it and it actually has the qualities of a great article.

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