Why Do We Own Pets

I do not know who wouldn’t want a pet. Okay there may be a few people. I am not one of those people. I myself love animals. In fact, my whole family loves pets. We have had our share of pets over the years. Recently, we rescued a dog from the Humane Society. While there have been a number of issues, we still love him. Even though my son had some form of allergy towards him at first we still kept him.  There are so many reasons to own a pet. They can be friends and confidantes and keep us company. They are our children in a sense. We teach them, scold them, and rear them. They are a complicated mix and definitely keep us busy. Here are just a few reasons to own a pet:

-pets make loyal and loveable friends
-they teach you how to take care of others
-they teach you responsibility
-you can learn about animals
-keep you from being depressed
-pets are good for your health
-the whole family can benefit
-they reduce anxiety and blood pressure

The presence of pets works on our psyche. It works on projection and narcissism. In the case of pets, it works differently. It is something called anthropomorphism, which we attribute to them our traits, behavior patterns, wishes, emotions and cognitive processes. This motivates us to care for them and love them. Everything else is secondary. We know though having pets is time consuming, exhausting and strains our family dynamics. If you think about it though we are all animals of a sort, so we definitely have that bond.

Pets become part of our family. We sleep with them, play with them, laugh at them and cry and grieve when they are hurt or die. They are our sidekicks. We actually know of a couple of homeless men in our neighborhood who have dogs. We often wonder how they can afford the expense of a dog, but they do. One dog in particular is so well trained it never leaves its masters side and needs no leash. That is truly a special bond between master and dog. I think we sometimes feel our pets are better then humans because they never let us down. They are always there for us.

You can talk to your pets and let out your emotions. They will not talk back but they sure look like they are interested and listening. They greet you at the door each night. Our dog waits for my husband to get home and then jumps all over him. Sometimes they sleep on our beds and wake us in the morning with a paw or wet nose.  They just want food, water and attention. That is not much to ask for all they give us in return. So many pets just need a loving and stable home. They feel sadness and pain just as we do. Animals have a sense of people and know who is good and bad.

Owning a pet is one of the best things you can do in your lifetime. It benefits your health both physically and mentally. It will give you a sense of love you may not otherwise experience and gives the pet a good home. That unconditional love will stay with you forever.

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  1. Pets actually loves their masters.They don’t expect anything from their masters other than love. So they are the friends we can trust. I think we can have more companianship from pets than humans.Some times a human being can be like pet.

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