Why Do We Need Proper Sleep

It is a sad fact that most of us are sleep deprived. However, we should be getting at least eight hours of sleep a night. Sleep is something we do not fully understand. We do know that it helps to repair the body and its energy supplies. Growth hormones are secreted during sleep. Our body is an intricate vehicle similar to a car. It cannot keep running and running without a tune-up. Sleep also restores our brainpower. In deep sleep, our brains are actually extremely active. This is when we dream. Researchers think this is a way of the brain compartment sing the day.

If we do not get proper sleep our personalities change. We become irritated more easily and quick to temper. We become less tolerant of our surroundings and tend to lash out. If you have smaller children and do not get enough sleep, it is very difficult to deal with their antics. It affects our creativity and cognitive functions. We are much more likely to make errors at work. Our co-ordination suffers as well. Sleep can also promote better skin and overall appearance. No one wants bags under their eyes! Athletes perform better with more sleep. Our immune systems work better to ward off illness.

The amount of sleep depends on the individual. It is better to get into that deep REM sleep or dream state. Infants need the most at around 16 hours a day but as they grow to teenagers, they need about nine hrs. It is funny that as we age we tend to sleep less. Do you notice that your parents, grandparents are always up at dawn? This could be due to medications and other health issues. However, we all need sleep and it is impossible to live without it regardless of how much we get.  We all love to crawl under the sheets after a long hard day! The winter months are the best time to cuddle up, sleep, and avoid the bitter cold outside.

Do you notice that when you are sick you tend to be very tired? It is our body producing something called cytokines. These hormones are making us sleepy. It is our bodies’ way of putting us to sleep to fight the infection in our body and make us better. There are people who find it hard to fall asleep at times. They could be wound up from work or the day. Some people tend to suffer from insomnia and just cannot sleep. Here are some tips you can follow that can help you fall asleep:

-have a relaxing bedtime routine
-keep bedroom cool, quiet and dark
-drink some tea or warm milk
-massage your feet
-listen to soft music

So now, we understand why getting proper sleep is so important. It helps to restore our minds and bodies. It also makes you much less prone to accidents during the day because you are more alert.  Of course, no one wants to turn into a monster and start yelling at everyone because you are irritable from lack of sleep. So take time to take care of your body and go to sleep. Your body will thank you for it.

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  1. What we need mostly is deep sleep. Which we get about one hour during our sleeping time. Without deep sleep, we can not get mush from our sleep.

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