Why do we live and die?

Posted questions like that of the above always bring different answers that are merely based or would deeply rely on various factors that affect the one replying or answering the question.  Undoubtedly, those simple to complex answers would be either based on experience, on knowledge or by a mere known idea unraveled from one’s mind.  For the purpose of trying to solve or answering our question, I would not be throwing a multitude of scientific or other disciplines’ complex technical terms and jargons but would rather approach the same on a more contemplative and understandable manner.  The idea of injecting or having to umbrella the notion with personal experience cannot be taken out of the equation as the relation of the thing under study – life is closely attributable to experience in some ways or another.

Need, desire and purpose – The first thing that I consider to be of importance in our discussion above everything else is on trying to prove the reason why we live.
In order for one to exist, as some experts or philosophers alike have debated over the years, one or a thing must have a need or a desire.  A mere idea on one’s mind is quickly formed because of the great reason of having one.  Each has its own purpose, even the slightest.  The mere fact that you are now reading or browsing this group of words and paragraphs are all intended for a purpose.  There is a need, a wanting factor in our minds that has caused us to form an image or an idea that could possibly answer or result from the want and the need that previously arose.  But what caused the need and purpose to be molded and further developed into the idea that we understandably known formerly as the answer?  It is basically the “emptiness” or the lack of something that pushed our wanting or hunger to develop a certain idea on certain things.  Complicated as it may sound, these events in our minds all do happen in just a snap of finger, or even much faster than we ever thought.

Getting the applicability from the short discussion above and applying it to our problem,  we would also derive from the notion that life is existing or there is life simply because there is some sort of emptiness or the just mere “lack” of it.  Practically speaking, we as persons or individuals were made to be born not just out of nothing but of the need, want and purpose.  But of course, our purposes are distinct from one another.  Purposes of life existing varies that sometimes they are way too complex and some are quite too unique to understand.  On our case as human beings, the best persons that could verify our life’s purposes are our parents since they are the ones who were responsible of giving you life.  They sure has those meaningful purposes why they were able to give you a life that you did not wanted or needed in the first place but have learned by heart and mind unconsciously the reason or reasons behind these as you grow up.

Science and other related fields – Which brings us to our next important factor that we should consider in trying solve our problem.  Since we have already attempted of bringing you to life (so to speak), we should understand the other half of our quest which is dying in the end.

Our science books and professors have long explained how our body works, develops and deteriorates.  Presently, these tons information are readily available and within everyone’s reach.  We all know for a fact that our bodies have to reach to a certain point where its functions are not that available anymore.  The functionality of our human bodies and how long will it be able to last will all depend on how do we take care of it.  The modern times have always tried to desperately discover the secret to stay younger or have exhausted all efforts to present humanity the fountain of youth which will enable everyone to live longer.  Sad to say, with all these breakthroughs, our lives in this earth must all come to an end.  Even the world of fiction has tried to embrace the issue of living forever but failed to stress a point.  Benjamin Button was not even spared from this reality.  And whether we like it or not, we all live to die.  The only thing we need to do is make our lives more meaningful and worth living through achieving whatever our purpose.

Graduation rites.  To end this rather short discussion, let me share an idea of living ones life by illustrating a simple activity which is applicable to almost everyone living.  I happen to acquire this meaningful idea on one of my subjects in philosophy.  It further said that human life in this world can be more likened to that of a graduation rite.  The graduate student here represents us human beings.  The stage where we would accept our diplomas is the world where we live.  The society and the people around you are of course, represented by the audience present at the rites.  You are now ready and the stage is set.  Anything and everything that happens next will be all up to you.

Climbing or getting yourself up the stage would signify you being brought into life in this world.  Your steady walking towards your diploma would all represent your steady struggle towards life: childhood, adolescent period, adulthood.  Receiving your diploma and taking a bow are all part of life’s process wherein you have reached that part of your life when your goal or purpose is reached or realized.  The bow would simply signify the acknowledgment you will give in return of all the world has given you.  Then you walk away from it all and descend the stage.  The same actions would clearly signify to your satisfaction on the things life has offered and given you.  It further comes to the very end of the rite, of life for this matter.  You go down leaving the stage and everything behind.  That’s how life is.

This leaves a particular challenge to each one of us to live our lives to the fullest.  How we are able to climb that stage, get our diploma, take a bow, and eventually go down will depend on us alone.  Indeed, it is short but making it meaningful to imagine stretches it a bit further.  Enough for others to be touched, moved and influenced by your life.  With that alone, the possibility of living forever at least in memories and ideas are achieved.  Then the idea of dying isn’t that hard to fathom.  Unfortunately, we all have to die and go down the stage as others could take their turns like us.  No excuses, no “heroes” type.  What follows next is an entirely different story but for now we all just have to accept this fact that we all live…to die.

5 thoughts on “Why do we live and die?”

  1. Our environment is always changing.So life on the earth must change accordingly. Otherwise life can not survive. So birth and death is essential for continueing life on the earth

  2. This is very poor writing, you are trying far too hard. Focus more on being concise. The phrasing and parallel structure need improvement. I’m sure you have wonderful and worthwhile ideas to share, but they are quickly lost due to over elaborate diction and frequent theme splicing.

    “The first thing that I consider to be of importance in our discussion above everything else is on trying to prove the reason why we live.”

    This sentence should ring bells! It can easily be written as, “The most important question to consider is, “why do we live?””

  3. I honestly think your conclusion is awesome and your writing is not to bad.. I kinda like it!!

  4. I kinda like it! :) I’m not all that of a positive thinker but, still! :D I think @jackson is right! U r thinking WAY 2 hard!! :*)

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