Why Do We Like Music

I think that for each person this question could have a different answer. Music is an escape for some people. I know that my husband and son love music. They never go anywhere without an MP3 player. My husband says he hates to listen to other people while he travels Toronto’s transit system. My son is a teenager and listening to music is just what teenagers do. Music is a cultural thing but it is also an emotional thing. It can make you feel happy, sad, and strong and take your mind off your troubles for a little while. It can give you a sense of some other emotion then what you would typically have.

Some like to listen to music very loud. So loud that the words are indistinguishable, like in rock music. Is it that rush and heart pounding beat that we cannot get enough of? The music industry is indeed huge generating billions of dollars.  Music moves the world. It can bring people together in a way no other genre can. Of course, it can also spark debate. Why do some people like some music and not all music? Is it just the way our brains work? If you think about it, we are actually introduced to rhythm in the womb with the mother’s heartbeat. If the mother is in distress the heart beat and breathing speed up. When she is resting, the rhythm is softer and slower.  Maybe that is where soft romantic music comes from. Lovers have their own unique music to romance to.

Music can be listened to anywhere. In the car, at home, away. I think we can relate to music and the lyrics to some songs. The songs make us think about our own lives, loves, dislikes, hates and sadness. In a way, it can relax us too. Music is a source of entertainment. We have all gone to bars and clubs, listened to music, danced, and tried to forget our problems for a while. Music can mean happiness like at weddings, but it can also mean sadness like at a funeral. It seems like all our get tog ethers and parties have some form of music. This is obviously, because people enjoy listening to music. There have been studies that conclude the brains waves are affected by listening to music. Can you imagine a world without music?

Music is part of our world. It shows our personalities and the way we feel about life. Whether it is the oldies songs or songs from today. Now with the internet and technology we can choose the songs we like. Good music can actually change our outlook and touch our souls. Music can change emotion and behavior and give an individual a more positive outlook on life. Maybe that is why I am such a pessimist. Maybe I need to listen to music more. Music has become essential in our world today. Everyone should listen to music occasionally and reap the benefits it can produce. All it takes is to turn on the radio, stereo or other devices and enjoy a few hours of your favorite tunes.

4 thoughts on “Why Do We Like Music”

  1. Lovely post. Music can act like our own personal soundtracks, or theme music! How many of us play a certain song or a certain genre to match whatever mood or emotion we are feeling at that moment? How many of us listen to a particular song or style of music and are filled with emotion? Human beings are influenced by music. I think it’s also interesting that the origins of the word “music” is derived from the word “muse”.

    Nicole (who happens to be listening to ambient music at the moment)

  2. Did you hear Ravi Shankar playing Sitar? North Indian clasical (Rgadhari Sangeeth) music is like meditation. It calms your nerves and increase your feeling of wellbeing.

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