Why do we have Round meat and square bread?

Trying to make a bologna sandwich the other day, I put the mayonnaise on the bread then went to put the bologna on the bread and got so aggravated that I gave the whole sandwich to the dog. Why on earth would they make the lunch meat round when they know good and well that the bread is going to be square? I mean really who wants to have to go around their sandwich and bite off the overlapping pieces of lunch meat, not to mention that at every corner you just get a big bite of bread.

Well after a little bit of research, yeah it ticked me off enough to sit down and learn why they wanted to torture me that way, I found out the reason why. Because that’s the way it’s made. I know that sounds like the typical, because I said so answer but it really isn’t. The bread is produced in a rectangular bread pan because it is much easier to mass produce that way. And plus could you imagine trying to get a ROUND loaf of bread to sit on a shelf at the store, hello can we say almost impossible. And as far as the lunch meat goes, not all of it is round, some have been made into square pieces and others are simply shaved off the thigh or what have you of the meat. But, as for the ones that are round, there is logic behind it. Most of them have been deboned from the animal and shredded, and then put through a meat processor that wraps it into a link type deal. You know like sausage links are in that skin and they are round, same concept. The machine they use to package all these meats puts them into their round shape.

So next time I get so aggravated at the lunch meat producers and the bread loaf producers I guess I will have to stop and think how aggravated their jobs would be if they had to make things the way I want them. Not to mention the cost of production would go up because they would have to buy all new machines and pans and everything to make everything the way I want it that the price of bread and lunch meat would probably double. So I guess I will just have to deal with things the way they are now.

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  1. Well what about the time old question 10 hot dogs and 8 buns,…. why o why,.. how hard would it be to process two more buns and slip them into the package.

    Round meat doesn’t irritate me,… not having enough buns for hot dogs irritates me in order to have enough you would have to buy 4 packages of hot dogs and 5 packages of buns,.. what if I just want one package of each

    give me a break I don’t want 40 hot dogs

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