Why Do We Call The Red Crustacean a “lobster”?

Why do we call the delicious red crustacean a “lobster”? It has more old more origins than you might think. Lobsters were famous in the new world in the places like New Brunswick, Shediac and Nova Scotia, where the largest ever lobster was caught in the history of mankind. Even though Scotia is not considered the world capital of Lobster it has been a place of interest for lobster enthusiasts because of the record holding lobsters there. That lobster weighted 44.4 pounds that is heavier than some humans. Now days people don’t lobster each day and the dinning’s that serve it are often of high order. But before the 20th century lobster was for poor people. Lobster were common in port city, where the society was often middle class hard worker and not fancy rich men. Though that has changed recently…

The word itself comes from the dead language Latin. Poor people were said to be the equivalents of insects, that is why the latin called them the “Locusta” which means locust, an insect that resembles to the grasshopper. The word went around and changed a bit to the anglo-saxon form of today, lobster.

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