Why do we call some people “black sheeps”?

Whenever we see someone in a pack of friends but he seems to not belong with them, we call that person a black sheep. Or when our favorite team has a player who doesn’t want to cooperate with the rest of the team. What about one of the siblings who doesn’t achieve any success and is a lazy bum unlike the rest of the family. Most families have at least one lazy person per family, that person is often called the black sheep. A black sheep is considered worthless, a normal sheep can produce wool that is useful. Nurturing a black sheep takes the same amount of time as a white one but the black wool has no value at all in the market. So raising a black sheep is a waste of time and often are considered  useless.

Black wool was useless because it could not be dyed. So uselessness of these sheep created an analogy with useless humans.

One thought on “Why do we call some people “black sheeps”?”

  1. I am not useless, worthless, or lazy. I am very helpful more than most people. Its not fair that my mother treats like I’m nothing and I’m denied opportunities that everyone gets freely. Its not fair. Its hard. What can I do?

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