Why do we call a type of woman’s underwear a “G-string”?

G-string is nothing new, our ancestors used to wear loincloths which are very similar to the G-strings today. Underwear as we know it today, became popular during the 13th century, when it was tied at the waist and knees. Actually Greeks didn’t wear underwear, although the slaves had sort of loincloth. The actual style of G-string in reality comes from the loincloth worn by American Indians. The “g” in G-String actually stands for groin. As time moved loincloth style underwear become popular but in style of G-String as we see it today, but G-String became popular back in 1936 when it was an attire of strippers. Thus the word was first used during 1930’s when the underwear was mainly wore by the strippers as an exclusive and erotic attire.

Today we have different styles of G-string and one has to say “old is gold” after all old fashion is becoming more and more popular now a days.