Why do they sterilize the intravenous needles for lethal injections?

Why do they sterilize the intravenous needles for lethal injections? Everybody wonders. I know I did. I mean they are trying to kill the person after all; I would not think they were really very worried about the inmate getting a Staph infection or even AIDS. The inmate will no doubt die within about 15 minutes of inserting the needle, right?

Well did we all forget that when we go to the doctor, he pulls the IV needle out of a package which contains one STERILE needle? Needles do NOT come desterilized, the only way to desterilize a needle is to open it and use it or put it in contact with dirt or body fluids or a virus or bacteria before actually using it. So they guards have no intention on actually protecting the inmates body from harm, it just happens that that is how the needles come.

And maybe you caught onto that, I said guards, the execution team is most likely not made up of professionals. Most states Lethal Injection Procedures state that it merely be a person that has been trained, is competent, has practiced and is prepared. They do not explain what the training must be or how they are determined to be “prepared”. They also do not have a educated anesthesiologist to administer the anesthesia and make sure that the inmate is completely unconscious before the harmful drugs are administered. And most of the time the person injecting the drug has no knowledge of the drugs they are using to euthanize the inmate.

So if you really sit down and think about it, if they are not worried about the inmate having proper care, even in execution, why would they worry about the needle being sterilized? It would be a real conundrum to me why they were sterilized if I did not know that all intravenous needles were mass produced and single packaged.

A question that seemed unanswerable is now answered, all it took was to sit down and think about it. Okay and maybe a little bit of research was thrown in, But at least you know my facts are accurate and I did not just write the answer to your query on a whim of what I think. I’m intelligent but I’m not conceited. Just remember next time that nurse accidentally blows your vein trying to put in an intravenous line, at least she is an educated nurse and knows what she is doing, and what she is putting in your body.