Why Do Most Hollywood Actors Divorce?

No one can deny that it is difficult to make any relationship work but it is undoubtedly more difficult for Hollywood couples. This is because aside from the fact that the couples face erratic schedules, there is also the issue of constant temptation. Coupled with insufficient time with each other and lack of time together, Hollywood couples can fall out of love.

Relationships can either be paradise or torment. Sometimes, it can even be both. Making a relationship work is a mystery for some who strives to have a loving and long-lasting relationship. In fact, it is estimated that in the United States, one in every two marriages will end up in divorce; this, despite the best intention of the couple when they first got married in the first place.

1.    Existing issues in the relationship are not dealt with – most couples that eventually break up had avoided looking at the existing problems in their relationship. Some of these may involve trust, lack of passion, jealousy, lack of common interest, and infidelity among others.

2.    Each person has dissimilar expectations – consciously or unconsciously, people have certain expectations when they commit to another person. When their expectations are not met, disappointment and withdrawal are sure to occur.

3.    Insecurities – people bring their experiences to the table when they enter into a relationship. This may include the fear of not being attractive enough or wealthy enough for the partner. Unless these insecurities are addressed, it will interfere at one way or another on how the couple interacts.

4.    Communication – this is definitely a big issue in any relationship. One person may decide not to confront the partner to keep the peace but he or she will ultimately harbor resentment in the relationship. On the other hand, another person might want to be loved in a certain way but is afraid to say it.

5.    Feeling unappreciated – every person needs someone to understand and value them. When they don’t feel appreciated, the person will tend to withdraw or attack their partner. However, when this happens, the other partner will just be driven further away.

Not all Hollywood couples will disclose the real reason behind their break-ups. It will remain a secret between the two of them. But the reasons stated above are the common causes of Hollywood break-ups. These reasons are not only true for Hollywood couples though but for the everyday average person as well. Whether a person is a celebrity or not, he is still ultimately a human being with human needs and wants.

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  1. I hate hollywood, I really do, its full of bullshit, most of it is always same old shit and they make 1 good movie once in 10 years..

    my 2 cents

  2. Ya i know there human i study biology dont try to teach me about humans you stupid guy.

    People following would me would be amusizng.

  3. I mean with the divorce rate at 1 out of 2 how could you not assume that these people won’t get a divorce. oh and getting married is a nice ploy to get attention.

  4. When someone is acting he/she do the act of love without love. Some times after their subconsciuos mind lose the touch with reality. So in even married life they love without love.

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