Why Do Mosquitoes Seem To Like Some People More Than Others

Many people hate mosquitoes. These little insects can be very annoying. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be bitten more than others are? It is amusing that only female mosquitoes bite. Well one theory for this is the persons smell! Other reasons could be the carbon dioxide they emit, body heat, blood type and alcohol. I guess if you are a big drinker, you could be in trouble! There are those that feel diet and medication can play a role. Some people have a natural mask or repellent against these little monsters while others do not.  There are chemical combinations that can actually repel mosquitoes. There are actually 30 chemical compounds that can protect you.

The repellants on the market act the same way. In fact, they make the individual wearing them smell like a plant so the mosquito is fooled and flies on.  It is important to remember that mosquito bites can be very dangerous. Mosquitoes carry malaria and the West Nile virus. Always look for a repellant with the ingredient “Deet”. This becomes a more important thing to remember if you are pregnant. Mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women.  You should always be careful though when you are pregnant. Perhaps check with your doctor first. Some forms of deet can be dangerous. This is because they exhale more carbon dioxide and it tends to be warmer around their big bellies.

Some other facts are that mosquitoes like adults, bigger people and men. They also love sweaty people, so if you sweat a lot stay indoors. If you do decide to enjoy the outdoors, wear dark colors and slather on the bug repellant. You can also line your yard with citronella candles and incense sticks that keep mosquitoes at bay. If you see that your neighbor is being bit more than you are, then they could just be sweeter. Another thing to remember when you are outside is to empty anything-containing standing water. Mosquitoes are attracted to sitting water. If you are prepared and take these precautions then you should have a pest free time outdoors.

Pass on these tips to your neighbors and friends so that they to can enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive by those annoying mosquitoes. Remind them to go outside au natural. They may be trying to smell good for the opposite sex but all they are really attracting are little annoying pests that want to eat them alive!

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  1. I like your article. It is highly informative on a subject which is of great concern in containing disease like malaria. I remember I had gone on a marriage at a place called Moradbad situated in Utter Pradesh India. There was not a person who was not bitten by the mosquitoes, except me. Perhaps it may be linked to smell generated from the sweeat glands on the skin which attract or repell the mosquitoes.

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