Why do I have to tell it to the marines

Why do I have to tell it to the marines?

I guess you have heard the above remark before in a conversation one way or the other. But really, what has an entirely different conversation or a story in this case have to do or does have any relation to the marines? Does the nature of the story a matter of national security or that valuable that the marines have to step in and meddle with it or with those? Should we tell it or call 911 first? Is that story that “classified”? Is it a matter of life and death?

It should be clear that the origin of this phrase did not come from America but the UK instead. The marine here that is being underlined pertains to the first established marines in 1664 by King Charles II. It was the foot marines of UK – The Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot. These marines were mostly assigned on ships together with the sailors. A distinguishable attribute between the two forces were its ability or on a negative aspect, the inexperience displayed by these marines. They were told to believe and absorb any kind of information or story that is being told. And it does not matter to them what kind of story or information it is. Even stupid and ridiculous ones are more likely to be that so believable to these men in uniform. An account of this notion was even published during that time saying that “you can tell that to the marines but not to the soldiers…”

Today, this kind of remark is used to tell someone that his or her story or information is way too believable and acceptable that is why better tell those information and stories to the marines with the hope that they would buy it. Tell it to them but definitely spare the sailors for they might also say and advice you to tell it to the marines.