Why Do Cats Purr?

It really doesn’t matter to me why they purr, because when my cat sits on my shoulder and purrs into my ear, it is such a comforting sound, that at that moment I don’t think about why he is doing it. I will explore some of the scientific reasons though, just because….Did you know that only domestic cats purr? That is an interesting concept, maybe it is because they are around human beings and most of the time are treated with love and affection.

There are vibrations in their throat, and when they are happy or contented, they will purr for a long time, until they fall asleep. When a kitten is sucking on its mother, feeding, they will learn to purr, as their mom is purring. She is very satisfied with what is going on and baby is being fed, so purring just comes naturally, somewhat like human babies learning to talk, when the parents talk to them. They learn by hearing.

It doesn’t always mean that a cat is happy or contented when they are purring though, they even purr when they are sick or hurt, so we need to pay heed and take special notice, when they look like they aren’t well, even if they are purring.

They sometimes purr to get our attention too, as you will notice, if you are a cat owner. At times it almost sounds like a baby crying, wanting us to notice that they need something, usually time to play or eat. Does mommy human go and pick up baby when they cry?, yes, so with a cat, they do get the attention they seek from purring.

When you are around your cat, just notice, they will purr, you will pet and stroke them and their eyes will close or to little slits, and when you stop petting them, they will open their eyes again. It’s almost like they are saying, don’t quit, it feels so good.

There are different kinds of purrs, one being the solicitation purr, which is a high-toned purr, intended to get our attention, and it does. If you feel under a cats neck when they are purring, you will feel the purr, even if there is very little sound. The most common one is the rumbling that we so often hear, which is both relaxing for us and them alike. The last purr, is done when they are sick, and some scientists believe that they are getting comfort from their own purring.

Because a cat can not talk, they have managed to communicate with humans, letting us know what it is that they want, definitely when they rub against our leg, with their purring going, especially if you are in the kitchen. Now if you think the cat is pretty intriguing then you are gonna love this one, what can walk on water?

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  1. You are wrong about only domestic purring. I have heard a young mountain lion purr and it sounds rather like an idling chain saw.

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