Why Can’t Grooms See the Bride before the Wedding

A lot of today’s famous wedding ceremony and reception customs can be traced back to early European and Egyptian traditions.  Oftentimes, these traditions were rooted on superstition, religion, folklore, as well as symbolism and many more.  During the ancient it was even believed that evil spirits could bring misfortune to the newlyweds and crops, such as disease and death.

Even though no one really knows the precise origin and importance of these old wedding traditions, its popularity in the modern age has allowed these customs to flourish.  After all, these wedding customs are a lot of fun, and they bring an exciting touch to make any wedding celebration memorable.

One of the most popular wedding custom is the superstition that if the groom sees the bride even before the wedding, bad luck will befall on the couple.  Although it sounds creepy, most of it was actually based on history and not just plain superstition.

During the times when arranged marriages were the norm, the couple to be wed is never allowed to see each other.  Marriages in the olden times are like business deals between two families.  A father especially wants his daughter to be wed to a man from a rich land-owning family, which spells out prosperity and fortune.  But if the groom meets the bride before the wedding and sees that she is not attractive, the groom could back out and cancel the wedding.  This is something the family of the bride wants to avoid, especially if he wants to secure marrying into a wealthy family.  This is also the case for family members who are giving a dowry.

Such is the reason why the bride and groom are only allowed to meet on the wedding ceremony itself.  This is so that the groom does not have a chance to back out from the wedding if he happens to find the bride unattractive or unappealing.

Although arranged marriages are not very widespread nowadays, many brides still don’t allow their groom to see them before the wedding.  Many brides believe it gives them a sense of excitement and longing, making their wedding day more memorable.

Also, brides want to look stunning to their grooms as they enter the doors of the church.  It just wouldn’t have the same effect on the groom if he has already seen the bride in her dress, hair and makeup prior to the wedding ceremony.

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  1. I fell informed. I was planning to go to the court to be wed; but was worried about seeing my fiance before the wedding. (Silly, but had me thinking.) So, now that I know that it’s because of the probability that he may not find me attractive and can cancel the wedding… I feel ok going with him to the courthouse to be wed.

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