Why are winners called Champions?

There are champions in every sport and every competition. In tournaments, in events and every kind of competitive activity. Like in boxing, a champion has to defend his belt against opponents. The word has a historical meaning as great it actually means today… Deprived from the latin meaning Campus, which was a field where battles were held. Hmm something similar like a school Campus. Back to the champion’s origins, the word went to French then English in the 13th Century. The word had the meaning of “fighting on behalf of someone for another” or “one who defends a person or a cause”.

Here is a few formats that determine champions…

In combative sports or any nonĀ  team based sport, there is a contender and fights the title then going on to defend the title each time he participates. That is the Title Match system.

Then there is the obvious Tournament system, there are brackets or groups and the winner has to win every time to become the champion, except in team based sports.

There are a few more, Playoff System which is used in National Hockey. League system which is often used with playoff’s in North America.