Why are University Graduates and Single Men Called “Bachelors”?

We hear it too often, hey look he is a bachelor in arts or something and then we hear ya I am just a single bachelor living alone. One word with different meanings, what does it mean, why do we say it, where does it come from? It all goes back to the 11th century, a bachelor was a term used in the military forces to describe a lowly ranked Knight who hadn’t much and hadn’t raised an army. To show themselves these low ranked knights waved a pointed banner but the full knight would flag without a tip. The Bachelor was low ranked in the hierarchy, which is the cause of a University degree being refereed as a Bachelors Degree, it is also the lowest degree you can possess. The meaning which indicated that a men was single, came to be in 14th century. Most young men were unmarried so therefor they were called bachelors.

Did You Know that there is such thing as a lifelong Bachelor, a person who has remained unmarried for his entire life or most of it is called such. Did you know that the word Bachelor comes from the french word Bacheler.