Why are some restaurants called “Bistro’s”?

We know that there are normal restaurants and then there are bistros. Which more often are smaller than a normal restaurant. But where did this word come from, it has no roots to culinary or restaurant’s of any kind or in anyway. Rumors and legends has it that Russian Cossacks occupied Paris in the 1815s, they were rude and like very quick service. If the service didn’t meet their demands or were to slow in their work, they would shout “Bistro!” which sounds a lot like the Russian word for quickly, which looks like this Russian “быстро”. Many think this theory is plausible because it obviously has no roots to culinary things or French.. Nowadays bistro is a small restaurant which is often in the downtown that promises quick and intimate service.

Did you know Cossacks were a branch of the Russian army, many other Eastern European nations like Ukraine had one too. They are a very organized unit of the government they still exist in Russia.