Why are some newspapers called “gazettes”?

The man who once ruled over more than a quarter of the planet, invented the newspaper, Julius Caesar in 59 B.C. These papers that were written by Julius himself. These posts were availaible in big cities like Rome but not many others. However it didn’t take long to make papers available to a massive amount of people for a small price. Thanks to Gutenberg’s press printing method, newspaper became a new industry. Citizens of Venice started to pay for these papers to know what is going around in the world and their own parts. This phenom blew up in the 16th century, the price of these papers were 1 gazetta, which is 1 Italian Coin. This gave us the term Gazette for newspapers.

Newspaper isn’t the only thing the army strategist help grow. Everything that you learn in politic has some root to Julius Caesar’s reign as the emperor of the Roman empire.